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Put your brand in front of your audience, on every screen.

Connected TV / OTT is the best way to reach target audiences with video ads. Harness full-screen branding with fine-grained targeting and real-time analytics to take your campaigns to the next level.


Account-based Marketing

Reach your target accounts at the office and at home. Use advanced data targeting and buying strategies to increase precision. Integrate with your sales and marketing systems for an integrated multichannel execution.

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Guaranteed Views

Improve ROI and reduce waste by only paying for completed views to your target audience. Make every dollar count.

Powerful Storytelling

Apply retargeting, sequencing, frequency caps and more help to create the perfect customer journey.

Better Insights

Use real-time analytics and integrations to optimize campaigns and drive more engagement across channels.


Direct to Consumer

Reach consumers with highly engaging full-screen brand experiences. Use sequencing and retargeting to drive conversions. Automatically sync with your marketing and ecommerce backends for real-time dynamic ads.

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