Instinctive Launches Account-Based TV

Many B2B companies have realigned their sales and marketing around account-based strategies but how often do you come across a B2B ad on TV that isn't from a major Fortune 500 firm?

TV advertising can be cheap for consumer brands but has traditionally been extremely expensive for B2B. The reason is that as a B2B brand, you pay higher rates than your consumer counterparts (due to weaker relationships, more targeting and lower volume) to reach a much smaller audience. Consider that a single national TV spot during prime viewing hours can cost upwards of $100,000 and you'll quickly realize that you have to spend millions just to reach your target audience once. As your account list gets more targeted, the unit economics get worse in the TV world and this has kept most B2B brands from adding TV to their channel mix - until now.

At Instinctive, we're extending the capabilities of own IP intelligence graph to offer B2B companies the opportunity to reach their current and future customers at home on the big screen, at a fraction of the cost of traditional TV advertising. Our new offering has been made possible by the proliferation of connected TV devices like Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV and various Smart TVs. The latest research from eMarketer estimates that there will be over 180 million connected TV users this year, meaning that over 55% of the population will be accessing content through a connected TV device. Brainwave research conducted by the IPG Media Lab shows that unaided recall of ads served through connected TV devices is almost 4 times higher than ads delivered through traditional TV due in large part to much smaller ad breaks.

One key advantage in addition to cost savings is the level of visibility and intelligence available to Instinctive platform customers. With our account-based offerings, you can craft a comprehensive omnichannel account-based marketing campaign that now includes the most impactful branding medium, good old television.

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Instinctive Launches Account-Based TV

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