Mani Gandham

Co-Founder / CEO

Mani is a previous software engineer with a track record of designing and building large-scale platforms for successful companies such as AdSupply, Nativo and AutoMD. He studied biomedical engineering at UC Davis and also worked on research projects in machine vision and nuclear energy.

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Blog posts

Ad Blocking: A Primer

There's a big shift underway with consumers taking back control over their ad experiences but it's hard to find accurate details of the entire situation. Here's a detailed review of everything related to ad blocking today.

How Effective Data Actually Means More For Less

Audience data can be expensive, but can you afford not to use it? For most campaigns, data isn't a luxury but a necessity to increase performance, scale and ROI - while actually saving bottomline costs.

Should Native Ads Drive Off-Site or to Sponsored Content on the Publisher?

Clicking on a native ad can take users to sponsored content on the publisher or directly to the advertiser's content portal or landing page. Which option is better?

The Mobile Web: An Underrated Ecosystem and the Perfect Fit For Data

When most people think of mobile, the first thing that comes to mind are the millions of apps everywhere. But did you know about the massive untapped potential of the mobile web?