What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising uses sponsored content seamlessly placed on a site to educate and entertain viewers, earning their attention on behalf of the brand.


Ads must match the look and feel of the surrounding content while being clearly marked as sponsored.


Ads must educate, entertain or otherwise add value without being disruptive.


Brand content must be contextually relevant to both the placement and the user for a natural fit.

Greater Performance

Native ads consistently have higher engagement and brand awareness than any other digital format.

Cross-Device Visibility

Our advanced platform uses sophisticated templating to make units look great on any site or device the consumer uses.

Content Freedom

Ad units can contain any kind of content, from just a headline to video or even full sponsored stories with more embedded media.

The technical breakdown

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) put together the Native Advertising Task Force which recently released the IAB Native Advertising Playbook to outline the six main native ad types and industry recommended disclosure principles.

In-feed / In-stream Content Placements

Custom Platform Integration

Recommended Links Widgets

Sponsored Search Results

Native-integrated Traditional Display

Promoted Product Listings